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  • Monday, December 8th

When Perpetually Bored Zookeepers Attack

You end up with something like this.  Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen something this strange…and I watched the infamous Palin-Couric interview.  My favorite part of this entire video isn’t even the video, it’s the little caption in the right-hand corner that says, “HE LOOK LIKE WILFORD BRIMLEY!!!”  It really brought me to a new level of confusion.

And for all of you skeptics, it’s obviously real.



  • Friday, December 5th

The Gay Everest Climber…Oh, I mean, BLIND, of course, BLIND.

Such a strange, strange Freudian slip.   Understandable though.  They are both handicaps.

Angelina is a knife-hurling maniac, apparently…

A link to one of my favorite celebrity websites called Hecklerspray talks about Angelina and her odd obsession with knives.  Even Brad has begun to take notice.  He allegedly signed her up for anger management courses because she started to throw knives at him when they would argue.  Whoa.  Isn’t that…I don’t know…Illegal?  Ahhh, right.  Celebrity veto.  How silly of me.  Next week: photos of Will Smith shooting up with Jada.  But get this: it isn’t heroine, it’s gravy.

Stay tuned.

Look out, she's aiming!!

Look out, she's aiming!!


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